Une forme de légèreté

« Il y a une forme de légèreté et de grâce dans le simple fait d’exister, au-delà des occupations, 

au-delà des sentiments forts, , au-delà des engagements, et c’est de cela que j’ai voulu rendre compte.

De ce petit plus qui nous est donné à tous : le sel de la vie. » Françoise Héritier


Outdoor exhibition in Lucca (Italy)

Manuela Granziol is a Swiss artist and economist, after moving to London with her family she followed herpassion for art.

The art piece presented at the Biennale explores the unknown relationship between language and non-language, between communication of any kind and silence.

A teenage girl sits on the ground with her head between her legs.

Being a teenager represents a moment in which society, media, parents and peers exert pressure on the young girl.

Creating this piece using small packages, she wants to represent the complexity of human existence.

The various experiences and events that every human lives are fragments (memories, images, texts, people they have met)

which make them part of something else, creating a chaotic subjectiveness.